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"রাজনীতির জন্য মানুষ না, বরং মানুষের জন্য রাজনীতি হওয়া উচিৎ"



M Ishfaq Ahsan

M Ishfaq Ahsan was born in Dhaka, although his family has a close relationship with his ancestral home at Chandpur since childhood. He was fascinated by the beauty of the village from his childhood and was shocked by the misery of the people of the village and since then he stood by the people as much as he could and wanted to carry out social activities on a large scale whenever possible. 

After that he settled in England for some time, for his higher education and when he successfully completed his graduation from Limkokwing University he returned to Bangladesh and joined his family business, despite the golden opportunity to pursue a career abroad. Besides, he has become very known as a successful entrepreneur in a very short time due to his talent and work implementation. His childhood desire to stand by people has been more mature and started various non-profitable social activities.

Among the many initiatives, his own initiatives and financing of free medical services, construction of houses for the homeless, employment opportunities for the unemployed have been widely praised across the country. While conducting social activities, he has been involved in politics since then to a greater extent and has been repeatedly soaked in the love of political leaders and activists. Due to this love of leaders, workers and common people, he is moving forward cleanly in the political path.



M Ishfaq Ahsan


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